ALIGN M480L / M690L Multicopter


The mulit­copter mar­ket con­tin­ues to gain trac­tion. Recently, Align Cor­por­a­tion Lim­ited1, based in Taiwan, have been teas­ing their entry into the mul­ti­copter market.

Hav­ing a reput­able back­ground mak­ing excel­lent qual­ity RC Heli­copters and planes, since 20032, this looks to be some solid com­pet­i­tion for DJI’s pro-range of multirotor RPA’s.

The release date is still unknown at the time of writ­ing, but from a Face­book update last week, it looks to be almost ready for prime time. Here’s some inform­a­tion I’ve man­aged to obtain from their tepid product mar­ket­ing thus far.

  • ALIGN M480L Mulitcopter
  • ALIGN M480 Coloured Blades
  • ALIGN M480L Landing Gear
    Land­ing Gear











Two mod­els will be available:

M480 Super Combo (800mm) — $1599.99
M690 Super Combo (900mm) — $1799.99
Optional Equip­ment:

G3-GH Gim­bal — $1299.99
G3-5D Gim­bal — $1389.99
OSD + Video Digital Trans­mit­ter — $199.00
A recent video from ALIGN’s You­Tube chan­nel shows the M480L (4 bladed Quad­copter with retract­able land­ing gear) car­ry­ing a Panasonic GH4. Impressive!

The per­form­ance looks very good. Flight time with the example pay­load seems to be sim­ilar to the higher end DJI Hex­a­copters. Nat­ur­ally, con­sumer mulit­copter endur­ance is ulti­mately gov­erned by cur­rent LiPo bat­tery tech­no­logy so this is not surprising.


The fol­low­ing info is taken from some mar­ket­ing bro­chure images. I’ve edited this in parts to make it more legible.

Intro­du­cing the M480L / M690L Multicopter

The mois­ture res­ist­ant body shape is at the pin­nacle of power, beauty, and indus­trial struc­tural design. It encom­passes a sta­bil­ity con­trol sys­tem, fea­tur­ing a light weight chassis cap­able of car­ry­ing high pay­load with long flight time

This multi-purposed pro­fes­sional mulit­copter is super­ior in both high speed agil­ity and static sta­bil­ity and exceeds in all areas. Suit­able for pro­fes­sional aer­ial pho­to­graphy and hobby fly­ing alike. The light weight allows for easy trans­port anywhere.’

  • ALIGN M480L Transport

  • ALIGN M480L Flight Controller















Body Can­opy

The innov­at­ive stream­lined mois­ture res­ist­ant can­opy fea­tures a screw-less quick latch mount­ing design that is easy, quick, and reli­able. In addi­tion, can­op­ies with a vari­ety of multi-coloured graph­ics are avail­able for cus­tom­isa­tion by enthusiasts.


A unique com­mon plat­form allows for both highly agile 4 rotors, or heavy lift­ing 6 rotors, con­fig­ur­able based on the users require­ments. Fin­ished in a matte car­bon fiber matched with highly rigid indus­trial grade plastic for over­all weight reduc­tion and increased rigid­ity. Addi­tion­ally, the matte fin­ish is effect­ive in min­im­ising unwanted glare which can affect cam­era images.

Motor & Power

ALIGN’s brand new multi-rotor spe­cific BL4213 370KV brush­less motor inher­its ALIGN’s core motor tech­no­logy, fea­tur­ing high torque, high effi­ciency, low power draw, and low tem­per­at­ure. The super­ior per­form­ance enables the M480 to achieve a 20 min flight time with no pay­load using a single 6S 22.2V 5200mAh bat­tery, and 9mins with a G3 Gim­bal + Panasonic GH4 payload.

Motor Mount

The motor mount is made using car­bon fiber embed­ded, injec­tion moul­ded, indus­trial grade plastic. The stream­lined shape fea­tures high rigid­ity and is light weight with vibra­tion absorb­ing char­ac­ter­ist­ics. The motor mount fea­tures a high lumin­ous LED for flight ori­ent­a­tion. The LED col­our can be switched between red and white based on needs and provide low voltage warn­ings. The motor mount’s house 40A high speed Elec­tronic Speed Con­trol­ler (ESC) motors which can reverse rotation.


The highly rigid indus­trial grade finer com­pos­ite plastic main blades are quiet and aero­dy­nam­ic­ally effi­cient. Mul­tiple col­ours are avail­able for enthu­si­asts to cus­tom­ise their look. In addi­tion, light weight and highly rigid all car­bon fiber main blades are also avail­able which fea­tures even higher flight effi­ciency and longer flight dur­a­tion, while provid­ing faster and more pre­cise flight response.


A quick release bat­tery mount­ing plate and rail allow for single handed quick bat­tery replace­ment. The double decker bat­tery mount­ing plate is designed to allow for a single 6S (up to 12000mAH size depend­ent) bat­tery, or two 6000mAh bat­ter­ies. This sys­tem allows for flex­ible bat­tery selec­tion and vari­able CG adjustment.

Gold bul­let con­nect­ors are rated for 100 amps, with pat­en­ted built-in anti-sparlk sys­tem at the tip of the bat­tery mount­ing plate. This sys­tem, elim­in­ates long term wear and dam­ages to the elec­tron­ics from poor con­nec­tions of worn plugs, and provides a safe and reli­able connection.

Bat­tery Indicator

Multi-function sys­tem con­trol panel con­sists of power but­ton and bat­tery status indic­ator. The power but­ton elim­in­ates com­plic­ated power-on sequence; just a simple press to activ­ate power. The bat­tery status indic­ator dis­plays live bat­tery capa­city for a quick view of remain­ing power. In addi­tion, the APS-M status indic­ator is also integ­rated here for the pilot to read the cur­rent flight modes.

Land­ing Gear

Fea­tures low noise, highly reli­able, all metal retract­able legs. Min­im­al­istic design proven with 20,000 repet­it­ive actu­ation longev­ity tests. The land­ing gear enables zero blind spots for the cam­era, while provid­ing super­ior longevity.


Twist off screw enables quick fold­ing of the rotor arms without any tools. Once fol­ded, the over­all size is greatly reduced for easy trans­port. The highly rigid indus­trial grade fiber com­pos­ite plastic main blades are also fold­able for ease of transport.

Power Con­trol Unit

The Intel­li­gent Power Con­trol Unit (PCU) acts as the centre piece for power and sig­nal man­age­ment, dis­tri­bu­tion, and con­trol. With a single bat­tery, the sys­tem dis­trib­utes power to motor, flight con­trol, gim­bal, retract­able land­ing gear, down­link sys­tem, etc. In addi­tion, it integ­rates all sig­nals between APS-M, G2/G2 Gim­bal, OSD, and the data down­link sys­tem. It also con­trols the gimbal’s pan­or­amic photo mode, fix point photo mode, and retract sys­tem. The sys­tem will auto­mat­ic­ally power-off in 3 minutes after the air­craft has landed and remained stationary.

Flight Con­trol­ler

A brand new APS-M multi-rotor auto pilot sys­tem with super­ior per­form­ance through cut­ting edge IT tech­no­lo­gies, util­ising high pre­ci­sion sensors and mod­ern sys­tem sub­routines. Sup­ports Quad (4), Hexa (6), and Octo (8) rotors. Flight modes include atti­tude, GPS Speed, GPS Angu­lar, Intel­li­gent, and Manual. In addi­tion, it fea­tures a GoHome failsafe, low voltage failsafe (through LED indic­ator and auto GoHome), OSD sig­nal out­put, gim­bal con­trol, fix-point sur­vey functions.


All said, the ALIGN M480L / M690L Mul­ti­copters look like great machines and are highly com­pet­it­ively priced. Time will tell if the flight con­trol­ler and con­nec­ted sys­tems per­form well. Cer­tainly one to keep an eye on.